Each Home Check Includes:

  • Visual home and property check for damage and leaks
  • Visually check refrigerator and dryer
  • Run the washer and dishwasher monthly (rinse cycle)
  • Visually check the garage
  • Rotate lighting
  • Visually check exterior plants and landscaping
  • Run all faucets
  • Run disposal (garburator)
  • Flush all toilets
  • Ensure water pails are filled
  • Adjust thermostat (if requested)
  • Visually inspect for pests (interior/exterior)
  • Check water softener salt level (add if needed)
  • Remove flyers, newspapers, debris from front entry
  • Visually inspect pools, hot tub and water features
  • Check mail box if requested and forward mail upon request
  • Take and send photos
  • Call and/or email you with anything requiring your attention

Optional Add-On Services

$39.00/Hour (1 hour minimum, including travel time) 

  • Water indoor plants
  • Water exterior plants and trees
  • Check sprinkler / drip system
  • Arrange for cleaning and maintenance
  • Supervise cleaning and maintenance
  • Receive deliveries
  • Meet/greet guests
  • Start/run vehicles
  • Take out/bring in trash receptacles
  • Change light bulbs
  • Change smoke detector batteries or air filters
  • Pre-emergent application
  • Any additional items upon request!

Your Home is in Good Hands

Good Neighbor Home Checks, LLC is an insured and bonded company serving Pinal County and much of Maricopa County in the state of Arizona.

We provide home and property owners with the peace of mind that visual checks are performed as requested to ensure any potential issues are discovered and reported to the property owner in a timely manner. This may also help you avoid letters from your HOA.

Where We Serve

Our home check services are available in the Arizona counties of Pinal and much of Maricopa.

Property Checks

Good Neighbor Home Checks, LLC can check your property as often as you request but we are generally scheduled 1-4 times per month by most clients.


  • Apartments / Condos Starting at $30/Mo.

  • Homes & Businesses Starting at $43/Mo.

Pricing listed above includes a single visit. Please get in touch for an exact estimate for your property. Add-On Services priced at $39.00 per hour.